Stationary racks

Racks for pallets

Pallet racks are a module set used for storing pallets (especially EUR types), and also different sized goods. The racks are anchored to the concrete floor. Its advantages are that it is easy to assemble from unified parts, its variability, high load (5–6 tonnes per beam), the fact that beams can be reassembled by 50mm and storage up to 14 meters in height. Forklift trucks or other manipulation equipment is necessary. As there are aisles between each rack, the usability of stationary racks is limited by area, when compared to our mobile racks.

We can help you with everything, from measuring your warehouse to planning the best layout for you, and of course installing everything and servicing it. We supply racks from the best European producers which are tailor-made to your needs.



Cantilever Racks

The stationary cantilever rack is a modular kit designed for storage of rod material, large-area material (chipboard, lumber, sheet metal, etc.) or for storage of pallets of atypical dimensions. In this case, the cantilever racks are supplemented by a system of longitudinal beams, and sometimes also by filling the beams so that the pallets can be placed side by side, regardless of their dimensions.

Console racks are always designed, dimensioned and manufactured to customer requirements and needs. They are usually manufactured up to 10 m in height with a load capacity of up to 20 t on single pillars.

Their design and configuration are processed free of charge for the customer.

Stationary shelving

Our stationary shelving is most suitable for storing loose goods, and various boxes and cartons weighing up to 600kg. Again, it is a module set from high quality steel joined without screws and enabling high variability of shelving by joining various sizes of lengths up to 1800 mm, depth 1200 mm a height 8000 mm. You won’t need to use any manipulation equipment, and the material is stowed manually. These shelves are used mostly in warehouses that store spare parts, in archives, workshops, shops and offices. One of the great advantages is that they come with wide range of accessories (plastic boxes, drawers, etc.).

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