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We’re Mobile STORAGE. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, we’re a Czech-based company that specializes in developing, producing, and servicing mobile warehouse equipment. Everything we do is tailor-made to you, keeping your storage needs in mind. Based on your needs, we can help with:

  • Mobile storage systems for storing pallets and loose materials
  • Mobile cantilever systems for storing board and long materials
  • Mobile racks (archives), both manual and electric, for storing documents, small objects, and spare parts

Your partner for all things related to mobile storage

We’d love to be your partner throughout the whole lifespan of your mobile storage equipment. Our in-house team is here for you. Our storage equipment will double the capacity of your warehouse, and can help shrink your storage space used by half. We can even boast an estimated ROI within three years, while at the same time being able to offer a lifespan of about 20 years, if your mobile storage equipment is used correctly and serviced regularly.

The history of mobile storage

Since the dawn of time, man has had a need for storage.  This started off as a need to store food, and ever since people have been trying to find ways to store things in the most effective way possible.

In around 1936, Thomas Foulkes invented the so-called “Stormor”, which first used shelves mounted on mobile bases. It was a great start, but only had a limited load and wasn’t very accessible. The Second World War then saw a great improvement in logistics, especially with the introduction of unified pallets. Glover then launched manual equipment driven by chains. This led to the need to minimise storage space, all while increasing the number of stored goods became more needed.

In 1966 Hans Ingold’s Compactus Mobile Storage System was patented. By using mobile frames for boxes or pallets, he manged to decrease a warehouse’s size by 40% while increasing its capacity by 85%. His system wasn’t perfect though, as using chains and toothed wheels limited its efficiency. It did, however, provide the building blocks for today’s modern technology. These new modern technologies included adding electric drive units, safety elements, and including I.T.

So, what started as a way to archive documents became a way to store goods of any kind, especially in cooling and freezing plants. Nowadays, possibilities like as warehouse management systems and automatically guided vehicles for distributing pallets have now emerged.

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